18 New Things to try in 2018

I would like to begin this post by apologizing to those of you who did follow my blog for the short while I was posting frequently(ish). Life just seemed to get away from me, and before I knew it months had passed without any blog posts. Anyways, without further ado, here are 18 new things to try... Continue Reading →


Classics, Classics, Classics

Ah, the classics. The novels and poems that never seem to go out of style no matter how long has passed. I suppose they are called 'classics' because they can be, and are, read over and over again years after first being published. Their stories resonate with readers today, and never fail to grow old. I only... Continue Reading →

Thanksgiving Jar

Before we begin, no, the 'thanksgiving' referred to in the title is not the North American Holiday. It's still a bit early for that! It is something quite different. Today, I wanted to share a little idea/craft to start doing. It is something that has helped me immensely- and it's very easy to do! I... Continue Reading →

Hidden Gems // Part 1

This beautiful cathedral can be found in an unlikely place. I would usually think such a grand building would be somewhere near the center of a town or city and more often in large cities or towns. However, this 'hidden gem' is found in a small town by quite small houses- not in any particularly... Continue Reading →

Redefining Beauty// Guest Writer

My first guest writer is my amazing friend, Tofunmi! She is very talented, and I am so thankful she has agreed to write for my little blog! I'm sure you will enjoy her post as much as I did! I guess you could call it my inner cynic, cruel and intensely analytical; it’s the part... Continue Reading →

17 New Things to Try in ’17

I know many would expect a post like this to come at the beginning of a new year. However, we are only four months into the year, and there is still plenty of time to try something new! It's always nice to find new things to do. I find that if I accomplish more in a... Continue Reading →

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