Wisdom from Jane

Many who know me are aware that one of my favorite authors is Jane Austen. I find her writing to be witty, humorous, and full of ageless wisdom. I always enjoy coming across the little bits of wisdom tucked away in her stories. Today, I thought I might share some of this wisdom with you!

Think of the past only as its remembrance brings you pleasure

This quote comes from one of Jane Austen’s most notable works, ‘Pride and Prejudice’ (also a personal favorite!). While I was reading through the chapter, this quote caught my eye. I often think of the past, especially the times where I may have embarrassed myself or when something unfortunate happened. Instead of focusing on the good in the present, or even think of more fond memories, I would focus on things from the past that only worked to make me feel quite sad. While I strongly believe that we should learn from the past, the good and the bad, we should not dwell on the bad. Once you have, if possible, learned from any mistakes or unfortunate circumstance, why dwell on it? It only puts a damper on one’s mood.  What I do love, though, is reminiscing on cheerful times. I find it brings me great joy to laugh over the silly or awkward things I may have done with friends or family.

It isn’t what we say or think that defines us but what we do

This piece of wisdom comes from the novel, ‘Sense and Sensibility’. It is quite straight forward, but still immensely important. One can say all they want, but it is their actions that truly reveal who they are.

If adventure will not befall a young lady in her own village, she must seek them abroad

This quote comes from Austen’s ‘Northanger Abbey’. This one may be difficult to apply directly, but I think we can learn from it nonetheless. Sometimes I find myself wishing for a more adventurous life, or at least more eventful. As much as I wish something would happen suddenly to make my life so, I realize most often we have to go out and ‘seek’ the adventure. We must seek opportunities for adventure and fun! It may not always seem the desirable thing to do, especially for the faint of heart, but the rewards are well worth it.

Now, there are countless other, wise quotes from Ms. Austen; however, I thought I might save some in case I ever want to do a ‘part 2’ of this post.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to read Jane Austen, I would definitely recommend reading some of her fantastic work!



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